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“Someday, Somebody
will Ski That”

A documentary ski movie about the world renowned Corbet's Couloir in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Horizon Pictures presents a documentary by Peter Pilafian

With Lonnie Ball, Wade McKoy, "Sick" Rick Armstrong, Joe Larrow, and Doug Coombs

Winner People's Choice Award
The Barry Corbet Film Festival

"Wilson resident Peter Pilafian's Someday Somebody Will Ski That showed the filmmaker's ability to recognize a worthy subject in his own backyard.  A world traveler, Pilafian documented the legends of Corbet's Couloir at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, using historical and contemporary footage, including leaps by the late Bill Danford, 'Jumpin' Joe Larrow and snowmobiler Shad Free.  The audience gave it the 'People's Choice' award for the first night." Jackson Hole News and Guide, January 2006
"Snow Night's People's Choice Award went to the world premier of Someday Somebody Will Ski That, the ode to Corbet's Couloir by Peter Pilafian.  Pilafian, an organizer of the BCFF, finished his final edit of the film the day of the debut, and rushed it to the Walk Festival Hall during intermission.  Its mix of historical footage, riveting narration and hilarious anecdotes had the SRO-capacity crowd in the 965-seat Hall on their feet.", January 2006
"During the intermission, Bill Briggs, the first man to ski the Grand in 1971, made a special appearance.  'The highlight of the night,' said freeskier Jessica Baker, 'was the standing O for Briggs. He made me want to cry; he's my hero."  But of the four movies played that night, it was Pilafian's that won the People's Choice Award.  The Director of Photography for surf cult film 'Riding Giants' had successfully (within a month) created a documentary on North America's most famous ski run, Corbet's Couloir.  Can't you just see those hotdoggers now?" Powder Magazine, January 2006
"Films represented a cross-section of kooky, serene, gripping, epic, artistic and tragic.  Thursday's People's Choice Award, Peter Pilafian's 'Someday Somebody Will Ski That,' honored the film festival's namesake and the history of one of the most famous ski runs in North America." Planet Jackson Hole, January 2006
"The Gist: In just 18 minutes, Jackson, Wyoming-based filmmaker Peter Pilafian documents the history of Jackson Hole's Corbet's Couloir, a narrow, steep chute located under the resort's tram.  From the first-ever ski patroller to carve turns down the couloir to the screw-loose snowmobiler who launched off the cornice, the film is short, fun, and refreshingly different from the typical Jackson Hole ski porn.  Bottom Line: If you haven't skied Corbet's, you'll be itching to after this one." Outside On-Line, June 2006